Sugarcane Vinegar

Vinegar original recipe Includes 100% herbal vinegar, sugar cane syrup 2%

Vinegar original recipe
Includes 100% herbal vinegar,
sugar cane syrup 2%

Vinegar Recipe 2 (original from Japan). Vinegar from sugar cane 100%

Vinegar Recipe 2
(original from Japan).

Vinegar from sugar cane 100%

Vinegar Recipe 3 Includes 100% herbal vinegar, cane sugar.

Vinegar Recipe 3
Includes 100% herbal vinegar,
cane sugar.

Sugarcane Vinegar

Medical benefits of vinegar 

I said earlier you can notice the effect of vinegar only two hours after taking it. If you have any heart disease, however, you may be relieved almost immediately by taking citric acid. The blood of a person who has a heart disease lacks oxygen, and it contains the accumulation of lactic and pyroracemic acids which cause fatigue, changing its color to black and making it viscous. If this person takes citric acid, it begins to burn such substances immediately and increase the blood’s capacity to absorb oxygen. This is why citric acid is good for heart disease.

In Tales of Common Soldiers, which was written to give instructions to common soldiers several hundred years ago, the statement is found: “As long as you live, treasure one ume pickle daily, and don’t forget its value.” The more we know about citric acid, the more deeply we recognize this value. I have been captivated by citric acid since I first found out about it twenty years ago, and began to drink and promote it. It is quite natural, because citric acid is the origin of life. Citric acid eliminates fatigue, normalizes body fluids, and reinforces the power of spontaneous healing.

The excellent effects of tachibanas, ume pickles, Chinese citrons, and lemons have been known since long ago. Their essence is, we can say, citric acid. We can find the articles about it in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex, one of the achievements of advanced medical science. However, although citric acid has such a great power to prevent and cure diseases, some people, who should promote citric acid, seem to hide its wonderful power. Maybe it is because citric acid is too inexpensive for them.

The Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex was established by the government according to the Pharmaceutical Law. It specifies the standards concerning the quality, power, and purity of medicines used for medical treatment. It is accompanied by a commentary book, which explains the metabolism, effects, application, and side effects of the medicines included in the Codex.

Under the article of citric acid in the Commentaries to the Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex (C), the 10th version (the latest version), p. 647, we can find the following statement: “The effects of vinegar on a hangover and feeling sick from drinking have been known for centuries. If you are liable to be drunk very easily, please take vinegar or citric acid before, during, and after your drink. You will not feel sick even if you drank sake to some extent, and will sober up soon without being drunk. Feeling sick from drinking is caused by accumulated acetaldehyde, which is the residual substance after alcohol was broken down in the liver.”

Vinegar is a medicine for causal treatment, which intends to cure diseases by strengthening the body itself. It differs entirely from medicines for symptomatic treatment, such as the painkillers and narcotics that are used by many physical practitioners. These medicines do not cure a disease, as they cannot eliminate its cause. So you cannot expect to cure a disease two hours after you took vinegar.

Vinegar Can Eliminate Fatigue

You will not be tired if pyroracemic and lactic acids are not accumulated in your body. You can eliminate fatigue by burning and consuming the pyroracemic and lactic acids already present. For this purpose, you have to make the citric acid cycle work well, which is the process where each one of eight acids is changed to another in turn, as mentioned earlier.

The oxaloacetic acid plays the most important role for a smooth work of this cycle. It would be the most desirable if we could supply the cycle this acid for its good work. But this acid cannot be used as medicine for that purpose because it is oxidized easily. Some substitutes for it can be chosen to act as the medicine of fatigue. These are the seven acids which work in the citric acid cycle with the oxaloacetic acid, asparagine, and glutamic acid from which those seven acids are composed, and acetic acid, which is the original form of fatty acids.

Acetic acid can eliminate fatigue, because it is changed to citric acid by combining with oxaloacetic acid with the help of CoEnzyme A and ATP (adensosine triphosphate). Why is it that the oxaloacetic acid plays the most important role in the citric acid cycle? It is because this acid has the capability of decarbonation or drawing out carbon dioxide from other substances. This is essential for the citric acid cycle as well as over fourteen other chemical reactions in our body.

***   Krebs’ Theory   ***

The theory of Dr. Krebs, a British scientist, explains how vinegar can eliminate fatigue. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for proving this theory in 1953. Through it, he explains clearly how food is changed into energy, or burned, in the body of almost all animals including human beings and bacteria. He also explained what fatigue is and how it can be eliminated.

This knowledge about the relation between vinegar and fatigue belongs to the late Doctor of Pharmacology and Professor Emeritus, Shichiro Akitani of Tokyo University. He was fascinated by this subject and found clues to solve these problems during the World War II. Though a busy man, he took every opportunity to recommend people take as much vinegar as possible.

  1. Even if lactic acid, one of the substances causing fatigue, is created in your body, it will soon disappear if the Citric Acid Cycle is working well. Oxaloacetic acid plays a crucial role for the Cycle to work well. But Acitric and other acids are changed to it eventually. Therefore, it is important that you take an adequate amount of these acids so that the Cycle works well.
  2. Pyroracemic acid (pyruvic acid) is a toxic substance which paralyzes nerves. Lactic acid makes the blood acidic and stiffens muscles.
  3. Dr. Lipman, an American scientist, contributed greatly to clarifying how ATP was created. Drs. Krebs and Lipman were awarded Nobel prizes for their contribution in 1953.
  4. As for the details of the creation of ATP, researchers are making efforts to clarify them at present.

Digestion means decomposing starch into glucose; protein is converted into twenty or more kinds of amino acids which make up protein; and fat is changed into glycerine and fatty acids in our bodies. The food we consumed is eventually burned, or changed into a substance called ATP (adenocine triphosphate) which can give out heat easily. Almost all of the starch, protein, and fat we take in are consumed in our bodies to generate heat, although they are also used to repair our body when needed. The Krebs’ theory explains the process called the “Citric Acid Cycle,” where ATP is usually produced.

Almost all of the food you eat is first changed into citric acid, then into aconitic, isocitric, alpha-ketoglutaric, and four other kinds of acids in your mitochondria. In the course of this change, these acids reduce in quantity. The lost portion of the quantity is used to produce heat (ATP), carbon dioxide (discharged through exhalation), and water (discharged through urine and sweat). Such change and production is caused by specific enzymes in the mitochondria.
If this process involving eight acids works smoothly, the causes of fatigue, namely, pyroracemic (pyruvic) and lactic acids, will not be produced. Then the muscles will be soft, blood will be alkalescent as is normal, and urine will be clear.

On the other hand, if you overwork mentally or physically, or your meals are unreasonable, or if they lack in vinegar in particular, this process does not work efficiently. Instead, it produces pyroracemic acid and lactic acid (which is composed by combining hydrogen with pyroracemic acid). These substances are accumulated in the muscles and cause pain and fatigue. If lactic acid is accumulated in your muscles at 0.24 – 0.40% of body fluids, you will feel fatigue; you will be slow to respond to stimulus, and more liable to cause mistakes or accidents. Accumulations of lactic and pyroracemic acids cause this fatigue. The more they are present, the greater your fatigue. Fatigue deprives you of vitality. If you work in such a condition, you cannot work efficiently and will be more error-prone. You also might experience cramps, because pyroracemic acid can paralyze the nerves. Sometimes you may experience a cramp or stiff shoulders. All the stiffness of the body, including death rigor, is caused by lactic acid.

Nothing is more important than vinegar for normalizing blood.

It is very important to keep blood and other body fluids alkaline. Two of the greatest causes which make them acidic are pyroracemic and lactic acids. The condition of body where the blood and other body fluids are acidic is called acidosis. If your body is acidosis, enzymes in the body cannot work well, preventing muscles from moving quickly and making you uncomfortable, touchy, and irritable. You will also be liable to be easily defeated by bacteria, molds, or viruses. Thus, you will be experience problem after problem.

You can overcome the troubles caused by such acids by means of your mental power and training. For example, when everything is going well for you, you will not get tired. When you fight with an enemy in a life-or-death battle, you will win the victory if you fight with a greater fighting spirit. Thus, if your mental power is strong, you can fight even when tired.

If you are suffering from a disease, your will to fight against the disease is the most important factor for recovery. In this case, however, proper medical care is assumed.

Training is important as well. A trained person can work without causing an error, even if excessive pyroracemic and lactic acids are present in his body than that of the untrained. But our trained expert still has a limit on his vitality, and will be much more tired after the work in proportion to his effort.

Stress theory and the adrenal cortical hormone

Many know about the stress theory established by Dr. Hans Selye, a Canadian scientist. It is commonly understood that stress is a distortion which occurs in our daily life. Its true meaning is wider than that, and includes all the things which threaten our life and make us uncomfortable: factors such a hotness, coldness, injuries, invasion of disease-causing germs, and pollution, including noise, exhausted gases, etc. If we are defeated by stress, it is said, we have gastric hyperacidity, peptic and duodenal ulcers, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and other diseases. As this definition of stress shows clearly, we are surrounded by stresses every day and night. So it is quite natural that we are sometimes defeated by them and fall ill. The work of the adrenal glands became widely known by popular press for the stress theory. Located above our kidneys, the central part and the first layer of its cortex secrete adrenaline and mineral hormone respectively, the second cortex secrets saccharine hormone which is usually called cortisone, and its third layer secretes male and female hormones. These three secretions, called the adrenal cortical hormone collectively, are essential to protect the life of any animal from stress. However, if a stress is too great or lasts too long, or if too little hormones are secreted hormones, we may be defeated by a stress and fall ill. In such a case, we have to block the stress by diverting ourselves or taking a rest, or to stimulate the adrenals to secrete the hormone by taking vinegar and other nutritious foods. If not, the illness will worsen until death, if the adrenal glands stop working. You see now the importance of the adrenal cortical hormone and its necessity for supporting our life. This hormone is made from vinegar, acetic acid. The Nobel Prize in 1964 was awarded for this discovery.

More on Fatigue

Can we work without fatigue for our life, if only we take vinegar sufficiently? No. We cannot entirely prevent fatigue, because we can not fully supply oxygen through our lungs to our blood. That system brings the oxygen to muscles, which lose ATP rapidly and require more oxygen to produce ATP continuously. This miraculous system is not perfectly efficient. The citric acid cycle works in hundreds of mitochondria in each cell, and the process of change of the acids progresses at a speed of 2 – 3 cycles a second. If we take any of the acids which reduce fatigue, the citric acid cycle works better. This can dissolve the lactic and pyroracemic acids in only about two hours.However, the more tired we are, the more acid we need to take to eliminate such fatigue. Lactic acid, one of the main causes of fatigue, is combined with muscles and produces protein lactate, which stiffens them. This protein lactate cannot be eliminated easily in a short time. However, if we take three cups of vinegar water every day, we can get rid of obstinate stiff shoulders completely and recover our agile and flexible body in three or four days. The power of vinegar is remarkable.The stiff muscles in our back and shoulders make us depressed and unpleasant. This disease is said to be peculiar to the Japanese. We have not found any medicine for it so far except some plasters which have little effect. With vinegar, you need not suffer from it anymore.

You needn’t hate cholesterol

Hardening of arteries is a horrible disease, and is very difficult to cure. Many people fear its cause, namely, cholesterol, maybe by the influence of advertisements. Concern is reasonable, but you should not fear it. Your body has lots of cholesterol and it plays an important role. It is one of the most important components of blood. When you are in danger, cholesterol takes your adrenal hormones to the right places. When you lack vitality, it is also changed into sexual hormones and sent where needed.So how does cholesterol harden our arteries? The late Professor Takio Shimamoto of Tokyo Medical and Dental University published the results of his research on this problem and drew great attention. According to him, if much adrenaline is secreted as in excessive anger, anxiety, or coldness, or if we need too much cholesterol to move the frequent adrenal hormones through the artery wall, it will cause the wall to harden.

The popularization of vinegar is important for people and countries

Why is it that vinegar has such a great effect? It is because vinegar was basic to the origin of life. It continues to give great vitality to life. Glucose, which is the most important sugar contained in celluloses and fibers, originated from the simplest form of organic acid, which is produced by a plant with chlorophyll. When aided by sun, water, and carbon dioxide, it goes through a process similar to the citric acid cycle working in reverse. However, animals burn all the food they take in by changing it to eight acids. Moreover, one of the important routes through which animals’ bodies are formed involves alpha-ketoglutaric acid, one of the eight acids making up the citric acid cycle.