Vinegar Recipe 2

Vinegar Recipe 2 Vinegar from sugar cane 100% (original from Japan).


Vinegar Recipe 2

Vinegar from sugar cane 100% (original from Japan).

Is it true that vinegar harms persons who suffer from gastric hyperacidity or duodenal ulcer?

Some investigations into heartburn have demonstrated that heartburn can occur to a person who has lost all of his stomach through surgery, or who has gastric juices which contain little or no acid. Moreover, some people can have heartburn even if they drank alkaline water, or just a lot of water.

Thus, heartburn is caused not only by excessive secretion of gastric juice, but also such diseases as esophagitis or gastritis, or when a person who is in highly nervous or frustrated state drinks a lot of water hastily.

If you have peptic or duodenal ulcers, you should start taking citric acid by drinking a little at first, increasing its volume little by little. You can distinguish these two diseases by the pain they cause: the peptic ulcer causes pain half or one hour after you ate food, while the duodenal ulcer hurts before you eat food in most cases.

Why take more acid when your gastric juice contains too much hydrochloric acid already? You needn’t worry; because citric acid is the most effective means to normalize the autonomic nerve, which is out of order due to stress caused by mental and physical overwork, and is a major cause of the peptic ulcer. You have to also take measures against the stress by resting your body and brain, or by recreation, as well as to take plenty of animal food and greens which are necessary to repair the wound.