Vinegar original recipe


Vinegar original recipe

Includes 100% herbal vinegar, sugar cane syrup and 2% so simple and easy to eat.

Medical benefits of vinegar

I said earlier you can notice the effect of vinegar only two hours after taking it. If you have any heart disease, however, you may be relieved almost immediately by taking citric acid. The blood of a person who has a heart disease lacks oxygen, and it contains the accumulation of lactic and pyroracemic acids which cause fatigue, changing its color to black and making it viscous. If this person takes citric acid, it begins to burn such substances immediately and increase the blood’s capacity to absorb oxygen. This is why citric acid is good for heart disease.

In Tales of Common Soldiers, which was written to give instructions to common soldiers several hundred years ago, the statement is found: “As long as you live, treasure one ume pickle daily, and don’t forget its value.” The more we know about citric acid, the more deeply we recognize this value. I have been captivated by citric acid since I first found out about it twenty years ago, and began to drink and promote it. It is quite natural, because citric acid is the origin of life. Citric acid eliminates fatigue, normalizes body fluids, and reinforces the power of spontaneous healing.

The excellent effects of tachibanas, ume pickles, Chinese citrons, and lemons have been known since long ago. Their essence is, we can say, citric acid. We can find the articles about it in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex, one of the achievements of advanced medical science. However, although citric acid has such a great power to prevent and cure diseases, some people, who should promote citric acid, seem to hide its wonderful power. Maybe it is because citric acid is too inexpensive for them.

The Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex was established by the government according to the Pharmaceutical Law. It specifies the standards concerning the quality, power, and purity of medicines used for medical treatment. It is accompanied by a commentary book, which explains the metabolism, effects, application, and side effects of the medicines included in the Codex.

Under the article of citric acid in the Commentaries to the Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex (C), the 10th version (the latest version), p. 647, we can find the following statement: “The effects of vinegar on a hangover and feeling sick from drinking have been known for centuries. If you are liable to be drunk very easily, please take vinegar or citric acid before, during, and after your drink. You will not feel sick even if you drank sake to some extent, and will sober up soon without being drunk. Feeling sick from drinking is caused by accumulated acetaldehyde, which is the residual substance after alcohol was broken down in the liver.”

Vinegar is a medicine for causal treatment, which intends to cure diseases by strengthening the body itself. It differs entirely from medicines for symptomatic treatment, such as the painkillers and narcotics that are used by many physical practitioners. These medicines do not cure a disease, as they cannot eliminate its cause. So you cannot expect to cure a disease two hours after you took vinegar.